Wills & Estate Planning

Death is often somewhat of a taboo topic and not something we choose to think about, let alone speak about, with others. However, when you are responsible for others such as your family or a business, it is something you need to think about and adequately plan for.

By ensuring that you have drafted a will, you are legally protecting your spouse, children, and assets, by spelling out exactly how you would like things handled and assets distributed after you have passed on. It is the most effective way to ensure your legacy is secure. If you fail to do so and subsequently die without a will, the State will determine what is done with your estate. This may very likely result in outcomes that you did not want.

At CSD Law, we understand that the drafting of a will is often an emotional and challenging time. Our team of estate and probate lawyers based in our boutique agency in Spring Hill can assist you in preparing wills for singles, married or domestic partners; explaining how discretionary and testamentary trusts work; family provision claims; testamentary capacity; removal of executors; plus will interpretation.